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James Marshall Animation and VFX Artist

Responsible for all Rigging, Animation and VFX shown

James Marshall - Gameplay Animation Specialist

I rig characters, machinery and props in order to create quality game-ready animation cycles - I have also been experimenting with VFX in the past year (Unity only with custom shaders provided). I have worked in the industry for over 10 years and I'm well versed in the animation pipeline for games; everything from collaboration with character artists to get good topologically usable meshes for animation through to the implementation of animations into animation trees in Unreal/ Unity. Ability to rig, skin and animate for export to engine.

Check out the link to my most recent game
RECOMPILE - I Produced all animations and VFX as well as doing some art direction.

Here is another link to the project I was involved in before Recompile. I was in charge of all rigging, animation and some default VFX editing in cascade. The game is called


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