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James Marshall Animation and VFX Artist

Responsible for all Rigging, Animation and VFX shown

James Marshall - Gameplay Animation Specialist

I rig characters, machinery and props in order to create quality game-ready animation cycles - I also have well developed skills in VFX creation [Unity VFX graph, Unreal Niagara and JangaFX Embergen]. I have worked in the industry for over 13 years and I'm well versed in the animation pipeline for games; everything from collaboration with character artists to get good topologically usable meshes for animation through to the implementation of animations into animation trees in Unreal/ Unity. Ability to rig, skin and animate for export to engine.

Check out the link to my most recent game
RECOMPILE developed in Unity - I Produced all animations and VFX as well as maintaining a consistent and strong art direction.

Here is another link to the project I was involved in before Recompile. I was in charge of all rigging, animation and VFX. The game is called
SURVIVAL and it was developed in Unreal.

Email me or check out my LinkedIn to find out about additional projects I have worked on.


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